Monday, June 16, 2008

The Perfect Morning

Wow, what a wonderful way to start our day. Today was the first official day of my summertime break from school, and Jamie and I decided to take a trip to the Seattle Aquarium to celebrate. On the way there we stopped by Daddy's office downtown, and then went and got a steamed vanilla soymilk (for Jamie) and a chocolate chip and peanut butter cookie (for Mommy, of course). Since we didn't have anyone else with us, we were free to take as long as we wanted getting to the aquarium-- so we stopped to look at lots of things along the way! We played with every part of the water fountain as we went down the Harbor Steps.

Then we stopped on the Waterfront and looked out on Elliott Bay. It was a beautiful 70 degrees out, so we had a perfect view of the water. Simply breathtaking.

When we got to the aquarium, we decided that since an annual pass is the same price as four trips, that we'd shell out the extra money now and make our Mommy-and-Me trips a weekly event. We've been a few times before already, but Jamie was still very excited to see all the fish, otters, birds, urchins, and other fun aquatic life! When we were done, we went and said hello to Daddy again, and then caught the bus home. We celebrated our return with some booby, and then Jamie laid down for a nap. I can't wait to see how wonderful the rest of today turns out.

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Amy said...

What a great day! I'm sure Jamie loved his steamed soy milk :)